What LISO is About

LISO is: you send me parts of your life and I send you stories. They can be pictures, sentences, or audio, or video. But you must send me at least three agglomerations of data. I need to be able to triangulate something about you. In your contribution is the genesis of the tale.

I will not publish your data on this blog unless you want me to, but I will publish the stories that I generate in response.

LISO is inspired from three elements in my life. A book, a story, and a philosophy.

One is the book “The Diamond Age”, by Neal Stephenson. This is a science-fiction book about an era of man where nano-technology and powerful computing permeates much of life. A man designs a book for girls that is meant to develop them in intelligence, education, and spirit. The story is about a young girl who gets this book and her journey through that world.

Two is an experience I had when a friend of mine got bronchitis and I wrote her a story on-the-fly over instant messenger. I adapted the story as I wrote it, in response to her occasional query or objection. It was a very synergistic activity for me. I could not have written the story without my participant audience.

Three is the philosophy of Synergetics as sketched out by Buckminster Fuller. The underlying principle is, you are dependent on both sides of your boundary for the very definition of that boundary. To know is to understand relationship. This is an underpinning of the geometry in life.

You can reach me at p r i m e v e c t o r at gmail dot com

Send me something, and I’ll send you a story.