Story 1: Gas & Thighs

He rubbed her thigh and looked straight into brown-black eyes. One streak of dyed-white hair dropped across her face. A small stud in her nose glinted. He wanted to eat her alive.

Elius snapped his head forward as they twisted down the mountain road. She wrapped his hand over his, his wrapped the shifter, and they drifted through the asphalt milieu. The car roared with a sound that defied all would-be roadkill, and screamed into the ear of every man of the law.

Once, his life had been dull. Perhaps the car commercials had worked their magic, and caused real life to bend to fantasy. Maybe it was the neon-spitting purple fluorescence that emanated from the lines of the vehicle. He glanced back at her and knew what made the difference.

The wrong corner for the wrong turn matched the second of terror as they both observed each other. It was late. It would not be long. He unbuckled, reached over, pressed her lips into his. A tear bled her eye shadow.

The car, flipping through space, plummeting to the earth, might make you think that life is tiny and inconsequential. Elius pressed the gas for effect.

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